Photographs of Ireland

Recent Images

This a selection of a few images taken earlier this year. We had a great spring and summer in Ireland this year and we took full advantage of this good weather to go on several trips.

We first went to West Cork and then on to Kerry in March/April. A sudden cold snap left a sprinkling of snow on the mountains as can be seen on the images of the Macgillycuddy's Reeks, Googane Barra and The Priest's Leap.

We then went to Sligo and Leitrim where we again had some lovely weather. Imagine our surprise and joy when we saw what at first looked like a field of lavender at the foot of Ben Bulben! We clambered over a gate into a field and trecked to the foot of the mountain, ignoring the angry snorting of cows (and perhaps bulls) with their new-born calves. When we got closer we saw that the lavender was in fact a field of bluebells - how unexpected and wonderful! The hawthorn trees were also in full bloom, and we thought we were in paradise!

A later trip to Tipperary showed us what we had missed by not giving this county much thought or time: it is a most beautiful part of Ireland with beautiful mountain ranges, valleys and rivers (more pics to come!).

Dublin is quite close to us and the photograph of the oldest bridge in Dublin, the Queen Maeve Bridge, was taken in the beautiful late evening light.

We have many photographs of Ireland in our archives. Please contact us if you are looking for an image of Ireland that is not in this portfolio and we will be happy to look through our pictures and we will get back to you to let you know if we have the photo of Ireland you may be looking for.

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