Photographs of Ireland

Limerick Images

County Limerick is the green heartland of Munster, the southern province of Ireland. Its Irish name, Luimneach meaning 'the flat area', indicates that Limerick is indeed quite a flat county. However this is no reason to dismiss Limerick as it is a beautiful county with rolling hills and lush countryside.

The River Shannon runs though Limerick city with its beautiful bridges and great Norman fort of King John's Castle. The river opens up just past Limerick into the Shannon Estuary and the Atlantic.

The land is ringed by mountains on its borders; The Slieve Felims, The Galtees (Na Gaibhlte) and the Ballyhoura Mountains.The highest point in County Limerick is Galtymore (919m), on the border with County Tipperary in the far south-east corner of the county.

The eastern part of the county is the heartland of the Golden Vale, the rich, verdant fields famous for their dairy produce. Towards the west, the Mullaghareirk Mountains (Mullach an Radhairc in Irish, roughly meaning 'mountains of the view') offer dramatic views east over the county and west into County Kerry.

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