Photograph of Ireland

Photo Image Name:   Ireland, Wicklow Clara Bridge and Church - W33516

Image Description

Photo of: East Coast of Ireland: Wicklow: Clara Vale.

Clara Vale is renowned for its whitewashed church sitting on the banks of the Avonmore River and for the beautiful stone bridge with its five arches. The Clara Vale Church is a favourite place for young couples to get married in.

Running alongside the Avonmore River is the Clara Vale Nature Reserve. This is a substantial forest of native Irish trees that includes an ancient Oak Woodlands, Scots Pine and some Birch plantations. The Reserve is nearly 550 acres in size and provides a wealth of woodland bird-life that includes Long-eared Owls, Jays, Tree-creepers, Crossbills and the Great Spotted Woodpecker, which has recently arrived back to the shores of Ireland.

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