Photograph of Ireland

Photo Image Name:   Ireland, Limerick Lough Gur - T26622

Image Description

Photo of: West of Ireland: Limerick: Lough Gur.

Lough Gur and the surrounding land is of world-importance as an archaeoligical site. There are visible remains of six thousand years of human settlement, from Neolithic to Medieval times.

Lough Gur is also an important ecological area, botanically rich and a sanctuary for migratory birds.

'The old folk had heard that night called All-Heal. They knew that if a sick person was not better by the eighth or ninth day of the moon he would hear Coolsidhe, The fairy music with which Aine the Banshee, spirit of Lough Gur, comforts the dying.

He would fall asleep to Suantraighe, the whispering song of sleep which Fer Fi plays on a three-stringed harp'.

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