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Images by Robert Ardill and Cathy Ardill

This website contains a sample of our photos of the Irish landscape. From here you can view these images and buy them. If you do not find the picture you are looking for please contact us at info@IrelandUpClose.com and we will be pleased to look into our archives to see if we can match your requirements.

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We sell both printed images and digital downloads. We sell the printed images as prints, matted prints ready for framing, or framed prints in a choice of frames.

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About Our Images

Our photographs show the beauty of an Irish countryside which is largely unspoilt. Ireland is one of the greenest countries in the world, both in color and environmentally.

Our images of Ireland are mainly in color, but many of our pictures are also available in black-and-white. Our prints are in various formats: from portrait to landscape, square to panorama.

We are professional photographers and we take the greatest care in the taking, development and printing of our pictures. Our Limited Edition prints are individually printed by us onto fine art paper and they are signed and numbered.

We would welcome your comments and enquiries at info@IrelandUpClose.com